Burlington English class

Students from 1st and 2nd Bachillerato attended a presentation on British culture last Tuesday. The talk was given by Neil, a teacher from Manchester who insisted on convincing us that he was famous... and fussy. The presentation was exciting and fun, and many people in the audience even got a present. Here you can read some very interesting reviews written by the students themselves. Don't forget to have a look at the pictures!.

"My opinion about the talk is good because I enjoyed it so much. I think the talk was very useful to learn and to improve our pronunciation in a fun way. My favourite moment was the time when Neil spoke about London, because I love London´s landmarks."
Sandra Sánchez Martínez

"I really enjoyed the event because all the British things that the speaker (who was a very friendly and funny person) told us about his country were very interesting, like the story of UK flag or not to say "eeeeh?" but "sorry?" when you don't understand."
Marta Panadero Moya

"In my opinion, the talk in English was very good. In this talk, we could listen to a man who spoke English perfectly and we could improve our pronunciation in English. We had a good time and we learnt some new words in English too. I really liked this presentation. I think these events are positive for us."
María Rivera Moreno

"I like this type of activities because they are entertaining, funny and educational. In fact, I think the pupils learn more with these activities. We enjoy them because we are with our friends and partners. In my opinion, there should be more activities of this type."
Gema Martínez Díaz

"It is a good experience. The teacher taught me a lot of vocabulary and he gave me a pencil! When my friend Carlos rang the teacher's mother was the funniest moment of the class."
José Félix Parra

"For me, the best part was when Neil called his mother and my partner Carlos spoke to her, because he became nervous and the situation was very funny. In the end, Carlos did well."
Sara Flores

"The presentation that we had yesterday was very good because we learnt many curiosities about the United Kingdom and also we had a good time. We learnt how to pronounce well and we played funny games."
Israa Tarif Ouarraoui

"I liked the teacher because he was a very friendly person and we understood his English perfectly. He spoke very clearly. But what I liked most was that this way I learnt English in a very comfortable way. I would like to have more teachers."
Noelia Díaz Sánchez

"Yesterday, an English man came here to give us a talk. He talked about the languages in Britain, the different flags and means of transport. We had a great time because the man spoke very well but he couldn't speak any Spanish and he tried to. It was fantastic! It was a very funny talk. He did games, we participated and won some pens. I hope we repeat this experience!"
Alba Castillo Atencia

"The talk was very interesting. Although the speaker was a native teacher, we could understand him perfectly. I think it was a great English class and I learnt a few new concepts that I didn't know. I hope we take more lessons as this one. It was great!"
Melisa Milagros Gómez Escudero

"In the talk I learnt many new words (fussy, quilt...). It was very interesting and the teacher spoke in English all the time. It was a bit difficult but the talk was very entertaining. Finally I must say that I'm sad because I couldn't take the Maths exam!"
Mª Dolores Mora Utrilla


En nuestro centro apostamos decididamente por los idiomas extranjeros buscando mejorar la competencia de nuestro alumnado.


El fomento y la formación en el uso de las TIC es otro de nuestros grandes retos, no sólo del profesorado y alumnado, sino también de las familias.


El fomento de la participación de todos los sectores de nuestra comunidad educativa en la vida del centro es otro rasgo de nuestro centro.


El fomento de la lectura y la mejora de la expresión oral y escrita es uno de los objetivos que año tras año nos planteamos como línea de mejora.